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14 juillet 2016 : Attaque meurtrière à Nice, ferme condamnation des évêques pakistanais

Déclaration de la Commission pour le dialogue intereligieux de la Conférence des évêques pakistanais.

Le secrétaire honoraire de la Commission pakistanaise diffuse ce jour un message condamnant fermement l’attaque de Nice.

"What belief of religiosity can you quote to justify such act what twisted perception of which faith can you claim to adhere to ?

Killing children and innocent people cannot be an act of faith in any religion. Words cannot adequately despise the monstrosity, which you have committed.

Their immoral act will have people united everywhere and earned you their curses. Time will prove that their curses will not have been in vain.

I condemn the aforementioned tragic terrorist attack ; my thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families. I hope that the injured people will recover as soon as possible.

Javaid William
honorary secretary of Interfaith Dialogue Commission of Catholic Bishops Conference Pakistan

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